Best JavaScript Courses & Tutorials in 2021 (Free & Paid)

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Best JavaScript Courses & Tutorials in 2021 (Free & Paid)

In this best JavaScript courses blog post, you will see the best online courses to learn JavaScript.

JavaScript is the most popular programming language, and it has been at the top for quite some time now as confirmed by StackOverflow survey.

javascript popularity stackoverflow

JavaScript is everywhere, used in web development, machine learning, games, robot technologies, for creating native mobile applications and much more.

That's why it's no surprise that JavaScript has become one of the most in-demand skills for companies.

Many frameworks and library further, adds to its versatility, usefulness, and popularity. Popular JavaScript framework includes React.js, AngularJS, Node.js, etc.

According to, In the U.S, a Front-end developer makes around 100,241 USD per year and Full-stack developer around 110,488 USD per year.

But the best thing is that there are excellent online JavaScript courses which will help you get started and master JavaScript.

To help you, we have compiled a list of best JavaScript courses for learning JavaScript (including free and paid resources).

1. The Complete JavaScript Course 2021: From Zero to Expert

The Complete JavaScript Course 2021: From Zero to Expert The best way to learn something is by doing. This course offers the same. It is one of the complete course for learning JavaScript.

This course taught by Jonas Schmedtmann covers all range of topics from simple, intermediate and advanced.

The course starts with the introduction and some basics concepts and slowly progresses towards intermediate and advanced topics. The best thing is that the course is very affordable at 10 USD.

The complete JavaScript course covers some modern development workflow with NPM, Babel, Webpack and ES6 modules.

It is regularly updated to cover the latest updates in JavaScript programming language. Jonas also included bonus Node.js crash course at the end of the course.

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2. Javascript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Javascript Understanding Weird Parts best JavaScript course

An advanced JavaScript course for everyone. This course focuses on core concepts and teaches you the basic concepts about how JavaScript works. Anthony Alicea teaches this course.

But this course is not for absolute beginners. For taking this course, you should have at least some basic JavaScript knowledge like variables, loops, and basic functions.

This course talks about how Javascript works under the hood.

It also covers some advanced concepts as objects and objects literals, function expressions, prototypical inheritance, functional programming, scope chains, function constructors, ES6 features, IIFEs etc.

The best thing is that Anthony also looks and talks about the source code of popular frameworks and library like jQuery and Underscore.

You will also learn how to build your Javascript framework or library. All in all its an excellent course for learning JavaScript.

It comes with 30 Days money-back guarantee.

3. Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

Modern JavaScript Beginning

Taught by Brad Traversy, one of the most popular instructors on Udemy, this course is a pure JavaScript course without any framework or libraries. Brad also upload some great stuff on his Youtube channel.

It starts with the basic stuff and moves towards more advanced JavaScript concepts. While learning, you will do ten different projects in the process.

Though it was last updated on 2018, this course is still one of the best JavaScript course out there.

It comes with 30 Days money-back guarantee.

4. Javascript30

Javascript30 top JavaScript course

Offered by Wes Bos Javascript30 is a free 30-day vanilla js coding challenge with no framework, no compilers, no libraries and no boilerplate.

But this is no way a course for a complete beginner who is just starting or planning to learn JavaScript. This course doesn't teach fundamentals, and sometimes people feel it be a bit more challenging.

But I would recommend you first to take a JavaScript course that teaches you fundamental concepts like the courses at the top and then try to complete this 30 days JavaScript challenge.

This way, you will be more likely to complete it and make your JavaScript concepts strong.

5. Full Stack JavaScript - TreeHouse

Full Stack JavaScript treehouse

A complete course for learning JavaScript for beginner to advance level.

Full-Stack JavaScript by Treehouse is not a single course but its a track containing lots of different courses ranging from JavaScript basics to advanced JavaScript concepts.

It also talks about jQuery, Express, Nodejs and databases working with JavaScript. This course is about 48 hours long.

You need to subscribe to a plan for accessing this course. If you subscribe to a plan, you will have access to all the courses that Treehouse offers.

They also offer seven days free trial for every plan. I would recommend you to sign up for a trial and if you like then carry on by getting a subscription otherwise cancel it.

6. Practical JavaScript

Practical JavaScript online JavaScript course

Completely free course for learning JavaScript. Practical JavaScript, taught by Gordon Zhu, focuses on building a strong JavaScript foundation for web development.

Practical JavaScript is the perfect course for absolute beginners and someone who is looking for a free online course to learn JavaScript.

The course starts with an introduction to the JavaScript programming language and carries on with the fundamental programming concepts related to JavaScript.

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7. JavaScript Basics for Beginners

JavaScript Basics for Beginners

If you are an absolute beginner, this JavaScript course might be perfect for you. Taught by Mosh Hamedani, this course focuses on absolute beginners in programming.

The course starts with the introduction and then covers basic concepts.

But it is a little pricey as compared to other JavaScript courses mentioned in this article considering it only covers basics concepts.

It comes with 30 Days money-back guarantee.

8. Introduction to JavaScript (

freecodecamp online JavaScript course

If you are a newbie, I highly recommend freecodecamp. It is an interactive learning platform. After every lecture, there will be a coding exercise.

While writing the solution, it will immediately give you feedback about your answer before you can proceed to the next steps.

It is an entirely free platform and allows you to learn other technologies used in web development.

No matter which online JavaScript course you are taking, I highly recommend you to go through sections on freecodecamp. Moreover, you will get a certificate on completion of this training.

Resources You Will Need While Learning JavaScript & Beyond

Final Words: Master JavaScript with the Best JavaScript Courses

I have refrain myself for including complete web development courses because the main motive here is to learn Vanilla JavaScript, i.e. pure JavaScript without any library or framework.

And most of the web development course introduces you straight into the frameworks and libraries without teaching you the fundamentals of JavaScript.

So, I hope with these best JavaScript courses, and you will learn how JavaScript works and take your JS concepts to the next level.

If you are looking for any books recommendation for learning JavaScript. Then I would recommend You Don't Know Js series. You can also read it online for free on GitHub.

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These were the best free and paid resources for learning JavaScript. I hope you find them useful.

Remember, always combine different resources with learning anything. And don't hesitate if it costs a few bucks to gain skills.

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