55 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Programming

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55 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Programming

Looking for best YouTube channels to learn programming then here is a curated list of 55 best YouTube channels to learn programming for free.

The Internet is filled with information. You can literally find any information on the internet. With so many programming resources available online everyone can learn how to code. But with so many resources available one may wonder where do I start and which courses will be best for me.

Don't worry in this post we bring you the best courses available on YouTube, which will take your programming skills from beginner level to professional level.

Now let's have a look at them.

1. TheNewBoston

TheNewBoston provides you with tutorials on both front end and backend development along with tutorials for programming languages like python, C and Java. The channel is founded by Bucky Roberts and is the most popular source of free web learning. This channel is intended for both beginners and advanced learners.

2. Derek Banas

Derek Banas provides you with tutorials on web development both front end and backend development. Derek Banas also provides tutorials for popular programming languages including python, java, C, Go, etc. Derek Banas channel is also popular for both beginners and advanced developers.

3. Eli the Computer Guy

Eli the Computer Guy provides a diverse range of tutorials and guides from networking to web developments to cloud computing and hardware programming like Arduino, etc. The channel has tons of videos on web programming illustrated with live practical demonstrations.

4. Edureka

Edureka provides you with tutorials on programming, digital marketing, web development, AI, cloud computing, DevOps and even ethical hacking. Edureka also provides tutorials on all major technologies and also prepares you for many certification courses.

5. freeCodeCamp.org

freeCodeCamp.org is another popular channel on YouTube where you can learn programming, web development, app development and about major technologies. free code camp is one stop for all your programming needs. They have quality video tutorials available for both beginners and advanced developers.

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6. ProgrammingKnowledge

ProgrammingKnowledge provides tutorials on popular programming languages including Python, Swift, Ruby and many more. ProgrammingKnowledge also has good tutorials on web developments both frontend and backend and on Computer Vision.

7. LearnCode.academy

LearnCode.academy provides easy to understand tutorials on full-stack web development. It has a wide range of video tutorials on various popular web frameworks like React JS.

8. Traversy Media

Traversy Media is another popular YouTube channel for web development and programming tutorials. With over 1 million subscribers Traversy Media has in-depth tutorials on almost everything programming related. They have a well-organized playlist with videos on various web development frameworks and programming languages.

9. DesignCourse

If you are interested in UI/UX design then DesignCourse is the place to start. DesignCourse has well in-depth videos on UI/UX design. Apart from design DesignCourse also has a tutorial available for full-stack web development.

10. Programming with Mosh

Programming with Mosh provides tons of tutorials on trending web languages and frameworks. Mosh provides in-depth tutorials on web development and programming. Apart from programming, Mosh also has a playlist named Beginners Questions where he tries to clear all beginner's doubts.

11. DevTips

DevTips offer you with great and informative tutorials on various web development technologies. Along with programming DevTips provides trending development topics and optimization tips. Videos are uploaded on weekly basis.

12. Codecourse

Codecourse has everything that a beginner, as well as an advanced developer, could wish for. Codecourse has playlists full of in-depth programming tutorials as well as web development tutorials. Codecourse also provides various optimization techniques for various programming languages.

13. Academind

Academind with their in-depth video tutorials on trending technologies is also the best place to learn to program and upgrade your coding skills. Academind and provides informative tutorials on frontend languages including Angular and React.js and many more.

14. LearnWebCode

LearnWebCode is for those who want to learn HTML, CSS, jQuery and WordPress development. It has in-depth video tutorials on frontend web development. LearnWebCode also provides optimization techniques for frontend web development.

15. Treehouse

Treehouse provides tutorials on web development with practical demonstrations. Apart from web development Treehouse also helps to clear concepts on various programming paradigms. It is the best place for beginners who want to learn about different programming concepts and software development.

16. LevelUpTuts

LevelUpTuts is aimed particularly at web development. LevelUpTuts has great in-depth "how-to" tutorials on building a website from scratch. LevelUpTuts also provides various design tutorials and has in-depth videos on web development frameworks.

17. Adam Khoury

Adam Khoury is another popular channel for learning web development. Adam Khoury provides in-depth tutorials on CSS, HTML, and Javascript. If you want to learn advanced CSS animations then Adam Khoury has great videos explaining CSS animations. If you are a beginner in web development then Adam Khoury is the place to start.

18. CSS-Tricks

CSS-Tricks by Chris Coyier is mainly focussed on CSS and HTML with both topics covered in detail. Chris Coyier has great video tutorials on CSS and HTML. It will take your CSS skills from beginner to professional. Apart from CSS Chris Coyier also covers topics like PHP and SaaS.

19. Mike Locke

With over 17 years of experience as an instructor and designer, Mike Locke provides in-depth video tutorials on front-end development. Mike Locke also explains about UI/UX design and also provide career advice as a UX Designer.

20. Darrel Wilson

If you are a WordPress lover or want to learn about WordPress development, Darrel Wilson has you covered. Darrel Wilson channel has video tutorials covering website development using WordPress and also updates trending news and topics regarding WordPress development.

21. Web Dev Simplified

Another channel aimed at web development is Web Dev Simplified. As the name suggests Web Dev Simplified has easy to understand web development videos with in-depth explanations. Web Dev simplified provides to the point videos which are best for beginners and advanced developers.

22. All Things JavaScript, LLC

If you want to become an expert in Javascript, then All Things JavaScript, LLC is the best place to start. All Things JavaScript, LLC has excellent JavaScript tutorial videos which surely will improve your Javascript coding skills, either you are a beginner or not.

23. Hitesh Choudhary

Hitesh Choudhary provides tutorials on programming as well as web development along with UI/UX design tips and tricks. Hitesh Choudhary also uploads his vlogs discussing the latest trends in the technology market. Apart from programming he also has in-depth tutorials covering Android and iOS application development.

24. Stefan Mischook

With over 10 years of experience in teaching web designing and programming, Stefan Mischook has excellent in-depth videos on the subject. Stefan Mischook has everything to make you a professional web developer. Apart from programming Stefan Mischook also provides tutorials on Photoshop, Flash, and Actionscript.

25. Joe Parys Academy

Joe Parys Academy has a range of tutorials from programming to video editing and tips for making money online. Joe Parys Academy also has tutorials about full-stack development and also uploads traveling vlogs.


If you want to learn popular web technologies then JREAM is a perfect place for that. JREAM channel packs dozens of great video tutorials about web development and also on PHP, MySQL. JREAM also has few videos on Adobe.

27. 1stWebDesigner

1stWebDesigner, as the name suggests, is a channel dedicated to web design and development. The channel has great and easy to understand video tutorials. The channel also provides videos on WordPress development and is a perfect place for someone to learn about WordPress.

28. Neil Rowe

Neil Rowe with its excellent tips and tricks on web development is next on the list for advanced web development. Neil Rowe provides all tips and tricks to get started with web development. Niel Rowe also has a playlist dedicated to Bootstrap 3 where he shows you how to make fluid themes using Bootstrap and to make your web pages responsive.

29. Joshua Fluke

Joshua Fluke another channel dedicated to web development and designing videos. This channel provides you with everything required to become a full-stack web developer.

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30. Jesse Showalter

From Web development to UI/UX design Jesse Showalter has excellent video tutorials on the subject. Jesse Showalter will take your designing and development skills from beginner to pro. Jesse Showalter is the best place to improve your development and designing skills.

31. Chris Sean

Chris Sean has tutorials teaching frontend web development. Being a professional web developer Chris Sean shares his developer experience on the channel and also uploads videos on trending technology topics.

32. Tuts+ Web Design

Tuts+ Web Design is a perfect channel for beginners looking to get started with HTML and CSS. This channel has several videos on responsive web design and layout.

33. Naveed Ziarab

Naveed Ziarab has detailed tutorials on programming languages, backend frameworks, and databases. Naveed Ziarab has a separate playlist for building basic programming knowledge. Naveed Ziarab is the best place for someone looking to strengthen programming skills and knowledge.

34. The Net Ninja

Another great channel for developing web skill is The Net Ninja. The Net Ninja explains everything from frontend to backend and has detailed in-depth video tutorials on various web frameworks including React the famous web development framework. The Net Ninja also provides advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript tutorials. The Net Ninja is best for everyone, be it someone who is starting a web development carrier or someone who wants to improve their web development skills.

35. Dev Ed

Dev Ed offers tutorials on web development, web design, 3d modeling. Dev Ed also has tutorials on design tools like Figma. Apart from web-related stuff Dev Ed also has a playlist for teaching python programming language to beginners. If you also want to learn about JavaScript-based animations then Dev Ed has you covered.

36. Chris Hawkes

Chris Hawkes channel is full of video tutorials on programming, web design, web frameworks and also tutorials on games and web scraping. Chris Hawkes uploads weekly videos on his channel. Apart from programming and web development stuff, he also has videos on tips and tricks for beginners and also posts motivational videos for programmers. He also shares his views on various technologies.

37. Caleb Curry

Caleb Curry has easy to understand video tutorials on C, C#, and Java. Caleb curry has tutorials on cryptography, cryptocurrency and also on backend web development including node js and MongoDB. Caleb curry also has excellent tutorials on Android application development which are great for beginners.

38. Ben Awad

Ben Awad is a software developer by profession. Ben Awad channel has video tutorials on React, React Native, GraphQL, Typescript, Node.js, POstgresSQL and many more. Ben Awad also has tutorials on programming languages including python etc. and also provides a tutorial on application development using React.

39. Colt Steele

Colt Steele has informative video tutorials on web development both frontend and backend. Colt Steele channel contains video tutorials on JavaScript, Advanced CSS, and HTML. Colt Steele also covers webpack (a bundler for JavaScript) and some of the basic fundamentals of JavaScript like Javascript call stacks etc.

40. DarkCode

DarkCode mainly aimed at frontend web development is best for beginners and advanced developers. DarkCode teaches you how to create web designs and how to create various animations using CSS and JavaScript. DarkCode also provides tips and tricks on how to create responsive web designs.

41. Florin Pop

Florin Pop another popular YouTube channel for improving your coding skills. Florin Pop has excellent video tutorials on JavaScript where he gives an in-depth explanation of various JavaScript functions and libraries like jQuery, Reactjs, etc. He also talks about JSON APIS and AJAX and talks about Landing page design and about how to create responsive web pages.

42. Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell not only teaches you frontend development but also makes you an expert on the subject. Kevin Powell has informative video tutorials on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Kevin Powell also provides you with tips and tricks on CSS, how to make web sight look appealing and talks about various CSS filters. Apart from teaching Kevin Powell also shares his views on various web development technologies.

43. RealToughCandy

RealToughCandy has the best web development courses with more focus on doing practical work. RealToughCandy teaches full-stack web development. RealToughCandy also talks about how to land a software developer interview and also gives carer advice.

44. Gaurav Sen

If you want to know about algorithms, low-level system programming and want to know how code is executed on a machine and all the low-level stuff then this is the channel for you. This channel contains in-depth tutorials on System Design, High-Level Design and also courses on programming. Apart from programming Gaurav Sen also has informative videos on Data Structures and algorithms. Gaurav Sen teaches you about behind the scenes about the working of major technologies including Instagram news feed and WhatsApp System Design.

45. Coding Garden with CJ

Coding Garden with CJ with its easy to understand video tutorials is sure to take your coding skills from beginner to a professional. Coding Garden with CJ has a channel full of videos on web scraping, web development frameworks, JavaScript and also on hardware programming including Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

46. Dylan Israel

Dylan Israel has playlists on programming tutorials which include HTML, CSS, Python, AngularJS, and videos on writing algorithms in JavaScript. This channel also contains live video sessions where Dylan shows you how to build a Web App from scratch. Apart from that Dylan Israel also has Q & A videos and on career advice.

47. codedamn

codedamn has videos mostly related to programming and also provides simple hacks and tricks. codedamn has video tutorials on Angular, React Native, JavaScript, NodeJS and ExpressJS. codedamn also provides Android App development tutorials and web hacks.

48. sentdex

sentdex is a channel for those who need to become professionals in python programming and machine learning. sentdex is sure to improve your machine learning skills and make you a professional in the field. sentdex has everything to offer from Neural Networks to Data Analysis and Visualization.

49. The Coding Train

The Coding Train has excellent videos on JavaScript, Neural Networks and Machine Learning. The Coding Train also shows you how you can work with Data and APIs using JavaScript. Apart from that Coding Train also uploads videos on coding challenges where he takes different coding challenges and shows you how to complete the challenge with in-depth knowledge.

50. Fun Fun Function

Fun Fun Function is a channel by Mattias Petter Johansson who's been a full-time programmer for about ten years. Fun Fun Function has excellent and easy to understand tutorials on JavaScript and GraphQL. Fun Fun Function also has informative videos on software testing like unit testing and also has coding tutorials on programing Neural Networks in JavaScript. Mattias Petter Johansson also uploads videos about his views on trending technologies.

51. Wes Bos

Wes Bos with its informative and well-explained concepts on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress is the best place to learn full-stack web development. Wes Bos has videos on various popular web development frameworks and APIs. If you are a WordPress enthusiast then Wes Bos has got your covered.

52. mmtuts

mmtuts provides online computer courses in programming and web development and game development. mmtuts start from basics to advanced. mmtuts also has step-by-step guide about making a website from scratch and guides on game development.

53. Corey Schafer

Corey Schafer is another popular channel for learning and mastering your python programming skills. Corey Schafer has tutorials on Python, Pandas library, Matplotlib, and Django. Apart from Python, Corey Schafer also has informative videos on JavaScript, Flask, and WordPress.

54. Codevolution

Codevolution has tutorials on the latest tech in web development. Codevolution has tutorials on ReactJS, Angular, React Redux and React Hooks. Codevolution also has tutorials on MongoDB and Nodejs.

55. FireShip

FireShip provides tips and tricks on app development and web development. FireShip has video tutorials on APIs, Firebase, Flutter development, GraphQL, and AngularJs. FireShip also provides tutorials on building desktop apps using the Electron framework and also provides information on various trending technology topics like cloud computing and various frameworks for software development.

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Conclusion: Level Up Your Programming Skills

These are some of the best YouTube channels to learn programming which is aimed to build your coding skills and make you a better developer.

If you find any errors or have suggestions about the YouTube channel that I may have missed then feel free to drop your comments in the comment section below.


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