Xiaomi is Testing a New Security Feature on MIUI 11

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Xiaomi is Testing a New Security Feature on MIUI 11

Smartphones have become a significant part of our everyday lives. Nowadays, no one can imagine life without smartphones.

Our smartphones know more about us than any other person. They contain all our personal information. However, there is a potential of that information being leaked by apps installed on the phone.

Google is continuously working to address this issue by tightening app screening rules for the Play Store and revamping the entire permission system for Android.

But still, the system isn’t perfect, and MIUI 11 is introducing a new security feature to warn you when an app is using sensitive permissions.

Xiaomi is testing a new feature that will warn you if an app is using sensitive permissions.

Xiaomi is calling this feature as “App Behavior Records”, and it logs everything an app is doing in the background, whether it be launching another app in the background or using sensitive permissions.

App Behavior Records MIUI 11 Xiaomi

It mainly does two things:

First, Logs the behavior and check for sensitive permissions. The things that it logs in behavior include app autostart and an app launching another app.

Secondly, it looks for sensitive permissions used by apps. These sensitive permissions include:-

  1. Recording audio in the background
  2. Accessing calendar events
  3. Accessing call history
  4. Making a phone call
  5. Taking photos or recording videos
  6. Accessing or saving items to the clipboard
  7. Accessing contacts
  8. Accessing your location
  9. Reading your text messages
  10. Accessing sensor data
  11. Accessing activity info
  12. Accessing device info
  13. Reading your phone number
  14. Accessing or saving files in the background

Also, Users can choose for which apps they want to receive notifications. Currently, this feature is in testing. And in future Xiaomi could roll out this feature with an update to MIUI users.

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It is yet to be seen which MIUI versions will get this security update. But all in all, it a great step and will surely help users better understand apps permissions and figure out any malicious behavior.

So, let's see when this security features will be rolled out.


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