How AI is Helping in Fighting COVID-19 Coronavirus

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How AI is Helping in Fighting COVID-19 Coronavirus

Find out how AI helping the world in fighting COVID-19 coronavirus

Everyone nowadays is aware of the viral disease called coronavirus, which originated in China.

Later it got a new name as COVID-19. Though this sweet gesture of man has changed nothing in its behavior as it is still continuously spreading all over the globe.

The virus has emerged as the biggest threat to humanity as we still don't have any vaccine which can fight against the virus.

World health organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19 coronavirus a pandemic.

The number of people getting infected by the virus is increasing day by day though we can take some necessary precautions to avoid getting infected.

Now it's time to think about how to stand together and fight against COVID-19 coronavirus.

For this purpose, most of the countries are using AI to fight against COVID -19 coronavirus.

What is AI?

Nowadays, AI has changed our ways of living life and made it easy for us to do work, which earlier used to take a lot of time and labor.

AI is a technology that makes the machine's self capable of judging the situation and reacting accordingly.

It gives machines human-like (think and then performs) capabilities that make our work easier.

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Problems While Fighting COVID-19 Coronavirus

The main challenge is scanning millions of daily visitors without making any physical contact.

Avoiding human assistance as it is dangerous as this disease spread through humans to surface contact.

Finding the infected areas and disinfecting them is the real task.

Analyzing the medical reports of patients daily.

AI is being used to do these jobs.

AI as a Solution

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is safer than fingerprinting as people don't have to touch anything and especially when dealing with COVID-19coronaviruss as it can spread through contact.

Such devices are capable of detecting faces and the body temperature of visitors by keeping them in public areas. If it finds that the body does not have a normal temperature, then it recognizes it.


UVD robots are placed in hospitals to help doctors to avoid human assistance much in patient's rooms as UVD robots do most of the job.

Using Robots to disinfect patient's rooms as they scan the room and terminate the virus in the places.


Now we are using drones to fight the pandemic, as we want to avoid human interaction as much as we can.

Used for Medicine supply and transportation of medical samples and thermal imaging, Drones are playing a vital role against this pandemic.

AI Systems

AI Systems are helping in analyzing the reports of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 coronavirus daily.

And a familiar pattern of disease is made so that it can b easily predicted where and in whom you can see the pandemic spreading.

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Final Words

These were the few common ways through which AI once again proved its worth and importance to humanity.

If used wisely, technology is always a good friend of humanity.

I hope you all are taking all necessary precautions to avoid getting infected by the viral disease.

It's time that we all unite together and fight the pandemic and make our planet once again a lively place.


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