16 Best Torrent Sites in 2021 That Works

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16 Best Torrent Sites in 2021 That Works

Best torrent sites in 2021, looking for it then here is a curated list of top torrent sites that work.

Nowadays, finding a legit torrent site can be very tricky, It is because there is a rapid rise in legal actions against many top torrent sites resulting in shutting down of most of them.

Secondly, the rise of copy cat sites appears to be a legitimate version of the best torrenting sites but they are full of malware, ads, and offer low-quality torrents.

Though there is an impressive rise of streaming services like Netflix, amazon prime, etc., torrent sites remain as popular as ever.

High-quality torrents, a large number of seeders is a quality of the best torrent websites.

In this list, we will be looking at 16 best torrent sites for music, movies, tv shows, games, software, etc. These are safe torrent sites to search for torrents.

Protect Your Privacy

While torrenting, it is always recommended to use a VPN. As your internet search provider (ISP) can track your torrenting activity.

You are not anonymous, and thus you can use VPN to hide your online activity and protect yourself from being tracked. There are many good free VPN available but is always recommended to use a Premium one.

Many popular VPN services offer dedicated support for P2P file-sharing technology.

We recommend ExpressVPN and NordVPN for torrenting and safeguard your online privacy.

Disclaimer and Is Torrenting Illegal?

Though torrenting i.e P2P technology is completely legal but uploading and downloading copyright content from torrents is illegal and is against the law in most of the countries. Thus put you at risk of civil lawsuit. We at TechBrackets doesnot encourage, promote or approve illegal sharing of any copyright content. The following list is solely for the purpose of information and finding only legal content on torrent websites.

1. The Pirates Bay: Best Overall Site

the pirates bay best torrent sites

One of the oldest and best torrent sites in the list is The Pirates Bay. Though it has been banned in most of the countries, still it managed to survive against the most popular countries. The users highly trust the Pirates bay.

It has a diverse collection of torrents like movies, games, TV shows, audio-books, songs, etc. One of the features that make the pirates bay the best torrent sites is the number of seeds, which helps in faster-downloading f the torrents.

Moreover, trusted/VIP icons for uploaders helps to ensure safe downloads.

Because it has been banned in many countries, you can use a VPN service like ExpressVPN or NodeVPN or else try connecting to mirror sites, as lots of trusted mirrors exist for the pirates bay.

2. YTS.AM/YTS.AG: Best Movie Torrent Site

yts-am best torrent site for movies

If you are looking for the best torrent sites for movies, then YTS is the one you should check out. YTS is an unofficial successor of the YTS/YIFY group which has been shut down back in 2015.

Despite being unofficial, YTS has gained much popularity among the users and is only growing with each passing day.

Moreover, Simple and easy to use interface only adds to its features as it has a vast user base, which indirectly means more seeders as well.

YTS is widely popular for downloading movie torrents.

3. 1337x Torrents

1337x torrent

This torrent site has been online for a decade now. As the pirate bay is banned in many countries, 1337x is considered to be the best alternative to The Pirate Bay.

It scores highly on reliability and clean design.

You can also find good torrents to download using their top 100 torrent list for different categories. 1337x offers regularly updated torrents and its one of the most popular torrent trackers.



RARBG is a popular torrenting site that is established in 2008. It is mainly famous for downloading movies torrents. And even it has a separate page for movie trailers.

RARBG offers high quality and high-resolution movies torrents including subtitles for movies and has detailed information like the number of seeders and leechers. It is one of the best torrent sites for downloading the latest updated content.

Like any other popular torrent site, RARBG is also banned in many countries, and you could use a VPN to bypass the restriction and access this site for downloading torrent.

5. Torrentz2: Best Torrent Search Engine

torrentz2 torrent search egnine

Torrentz2 is one of the best torrent search sites that came into existence when torrentz was shut down.

It is a search engine which combines results from other torrent sites and provides an enormous database of torrents. Though it has a variety of torrents category, It is mainly famous for music and movies torrents.

Finding torrents through Torrentz is reasonably fast and straightforward.

6. KickAss Torrents

kickass torrents no more alternatives needed

If you have heard torrent, then you would have heard about kickass torrents. Once considered to be the most popular and best torrent site out there, but got banned and was taken offline after alleged founder Artem Vaulin was arrested.

Since then, many fake clone sites appeared, and people were looking for the best kickass alternative.

But thanks to a group of the original staff and dedicated uploaders, Kickass is back and kicking. They have relaunched the kickass torrents website.

The new site has the layout of the old kickass account but with improved security. They are trying to bring back the glory days and once again make Kickass as the best torrent site.

KickAss Torrents have lots of torrents related to movies, games, software, music, etc.

7. LimeTorrents

limetorrents torrent search

LimeTorrents of the torrent sites that are perfect for finding the updated content. Further, it has a huge database of torrents that offers different ranges of torrents like games, software, movies torrents etc.

You can also find top torrents and the latest torrents on the website. It is perfect for finding healthy and updated torrents.

When you create an account on Limetorrents, you can upload torrents, provide feedback, bookmark torrents and message other users.

Limetorrents has a clean looking design.

8. Zoogle Torrent

zoogle torrent

One of the newest torrent sites in the list is Zoogle. Zoogle popularity is rising, thanks to the number of torrents hosted on Zoogle is increasing.

One of the main advantages of Zoogle Torrent is that it has a large number of verified torrents. That means you there are fewer chances of downloading unhealthy torrents.

Torrents related to movies, games, TV shows etc. are hosted on Zoogle. It is one of the safe torrent sites.

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9. Torlock: Best For Verified Torrents

torlock search for torrents

If you want only genuine torrents, then Torlock should be your choice. Torlock pays its users \$1 for finding and reporting fake torrents.

Torlock has an enormous database of legit torrents related to eBooks, TV shows, movies, games etc.

According to Torlock, it has over 5 millions verified torrents. So, it is one of the best torrenting sites for downloading legal torrents.

10. TorrentDownloads

torrent downloads

Excellent choice when it comes to extensive database combined with high-quality torrents. Users can rate the torrents and leave comments about the torrent, which helps in identifying fake files.

Due to its popularity, many countries have banned it. Well, organised torrent library with a simple design makes it a perfect place to search for torrents.

Torrents hosted on TorrentDownloads include gaming, music, movies, books etc.

If you are looking for any old or lesser know stuff, then this is highly likely you will find it on ToorentDownloads. These features make TorrentDownloads one of the best torrent sites.

11. EZTV


If you are looking for the best site for shows, then EZTV should be your go-to choice. It has a very active community. Daily new episodes and TV shows are added.

It has a clean interface and has excellent TV content. It has organised the list for every show with latest episodes.

12. Torrent Galaxy

 torrent galaxy top torrent site

Torrent Galaxy is another excellent torrenting site for downloading Movies, eBooks, games, songs, documentaries, courses etc.

It also displays the health of the torrent and number of seed as well as leches beside every torrent. It also shows featured torrents.

TorrentGalaxy also allows streaming and has a very active community. It is gaining popularity day by day among the torrent users.

13. iDope

idope kickass alternative

iDope comparatively new site for torrenting. Its tagline reads it as a tribute to kickass torrents, iDope has a massive database of torrents.

You can also view the most recent torrents and most popular torrents that are being downloaded by the users.

It has torrents related to games, movies, tv shows etc. Besides this, it has a clean UI.

14. Torrents.me


Torrents is not just a regular torrent search engine but it harvests data from other torrent websites. You can search any torrent on Torrents. Also, it lists numerous torrent sites and groups them into a category.

If you are looking for any best sites for music, then you can find them by just navigating to the category page.

You can also view the search trend for any query related to torrenting.

15. Torrent Funk

torrent funk best torrenting sites

Another popular site for torrenting. TorrentFunk has a wide range of torrents, including movies, TV shows, games. Anime, eBooks etc.

One of the main features of TorrentFunk is has a separate section where you can find all the verified torrents. So this protects users from downloading fake torrents.

It also displays the health, number of seeds and Peers besides every torrent.

16. Nyaa.si

nyaa best anime torrent site

Nyaa.si came into existence after a popular anime torrent website NYAA was banned. It has massive popularity in Japan. Apart from Anime torrents, it has torrents related to software, music, books etc.

It seems to have some content in English also. You can easily track seeds and peers beside every torrent if you are an anime fan. Then you should checkout Nyaa.si. It is the best anime torrent site.

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How to Download a Torrent

When it comes to downloading a torrent, you need a torrent client. uTorrent is by far the best torrent client for downloading torrent files. So, download and install uTorrent and then open your torrent file, it will automatically start downloading in uTorrent. It is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows as well.

Are torrent illegal

As already discussed above, torrenting is not illegal but uploading and downloading copyright or illegal stuff from torrent is illegal and is against the law.

Do all torrent websites provide illegal content

The short answer is No. While most of the popular sites offer both legal and illegal torrents. But there are some other sites that do offer completely legal stuff which has been already mentioned.

Why You Can’t Access Some Torrent Sites

If you can’t access any torrent sites then most probably it is banned in your country. So you might want to use a VPN such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN to access that site.

How to download torrents safely? Which VPN is best for torrenting

If you want to download torrent safely then use a VPN. Highly recommended! There are many options. But NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the best.

Final Words: Start Torrenting With Top Torrent Sites

So these were the best torrent sites that you can use for torrenting in 2021. If any of the sites doesn't work, then most probably it will be banned in your country. Then, try accessing using VPN.

I will highly recommend using a VPN for torrenting to keep yourself safe from hackers and ISP to hide your online identity and protect your online privacy.

If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear from you in the comment section.


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