15 Best Free Movie Download Sites For 2021

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15 Best Free Movie Download Sites For 2021

Looking for the best free movie download sites, then here is curated list of 15 best website for downloading movies and shows for free. Let's dig right in.

Everyone loves to watch movies and shows and major streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime video have hugely gained from this. These platforms are certainly paid and may be worth the money. But there is no shortage of free streaming sites available on the internet.

The majority of these sites are full of malware. But some sites are genuine and allow users to stream free movies and shows. So, in this article, we will be listing the 15 best free movie download sites.

Please note that this list will have some of the websites that may not be available in all the countries and you might need to use a VPN for accessing these websites.


We at TechBrackets do not promote sharing or downloading of any copyrighted material and what a third party website host on their platform is beyond our control. This list is for informational purpose only.

If you are using these sites, make sure you follow your country rules and regulations that varies from country to country.

1. AZMovies

AZMovies free movie streaming site

AZMovies is one of the best free movie download sites. It has tons of the latest updated movies and shows from various popular streaming platforms. AZMovies doesn't host anything on its servers but all the files are hosted on other platforms.

There are tons of quality movies available. The best part if the stream doesn't work on one server then you can always select another server and stream.

You will find all the latest titles which you may not find on any other free movie streaming site. You can explore using various gerners, year of release, or can go through the featured list.

2. TubiTV

TubiTV free movie download site

TubiTV is one of the most popular websites to download and stream movies for free. They have over 20,000 movies and tv shows that you can stream online for free. though the platform is ad-supported but ads as limited and should not degrade the watch experience.

They have an android app as well as ios available, so you can stream movies for free from your smartphone. The database of movies and shows get updated regularly with more awesome content.

So, if you are looking for one website with an awesome user interface and quality, then TubiTV is for you. The best part is that TubiTV is a completely free and legal video streaming platform.

And you can browse from different genes and even select among the popular movies and shows that are currently being watched by the majority on the TubiTV platform. Moreover, you can select movies from Award winners and nominations, highest rated on rotten tomatoes, and much more.

3. Crackle


Crackle is another top websites for free downloading movies and shows. They have tons of free movies for streaming online. It is a free movie streaming service provided by Sony Entertainment. So that is one of the reason that they have tons of quality movies and show that you can stream for free.

To get started with this service you just need to sign up for a free account. As long as you are happy with the few ads and commercials then, crackle is the best website for streaming movies and shows for free.

The best part is that crackle also has an android and ios app, so you can enjoy free streaming on your smartphone as well.

The only thing is that crackle is only available in the US and so if you are in other countries like India, you can certainly use a VPN to enjoy this amazing service for free.

4. PutLocker


Putlocker is one of the best free movie download sites. You might have already heard of Putlocker before. Putlocker like XMovies8 and many other free movie streaming sites has been targeted for copyright violations.

And that is why these sites have been banned in many countries. But Putlocker has managed to survive by constantly changing its servers and name.

Putlocker has a huge collection of tv shows and movies which you can stream online for free. The best part is that you will find movies of high quality.

They have very few or negligible advertisements. You can also request any movies or shows that may not be available yet on Putlocker. All in all one of the best websites for free movies.

5. Movie4k

Movie4k free movie streaming site

Movie4K is another great website for streaming the latest movies and shows online for free. The UI of the website is simple and easy to use and navigate.

You can also request movies and shows that are not available on the Movie4K website.

The best part is that the latest movies are constantly being added and you can watch free movies without advertisements. It lets you filter movies by popularity, genres, etc.



If you are looking for one website for streaming shows for free then Noxx is a perfect choice for you. Noxx has a huge collection of shows available from different popular streaming platforms.

And you can stream them for free using Noxx. You can find all the latest shows on Noxx with high definition quality. Moreover, you can also switch to another server if the show doesn't stream on the default server.

You can also browse and filter using different genres or sort by latest, oldest, alphabetical, or rating.

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7. Megashare


Megashare is yet another popular site for downloading movies and shows for free. It has a massive collection of movies and shows to choose from different genres.

Like the other two websites mentioned, you can also request movies or shows that are not listed on their website. The website is simple to use but you may encounter some advertisements. It has a nice collection of high-quality movies.

Moreover, they constantly add new movies and shows to their already impressive database. All in all, it is a great website that you can try for streaming movies for free.

8. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive free movie download site

The Internet Archive, one of the best websites on the internet. It is a digital library of sites and resources in digital form that provides free access to everything hosted by them to the users.

They have tons of free resources like books and texts, audio recordings, videos, images, software, and much more. the best part is that it also hosts some of the best movies and tv shows for free. All you need is a free account to access the goldmine of free and quality stuff.

You may not find the latest movies and shows but there are tons of great movies worth watching. You can either stream movies online or download movies for free.

The best part is that they have tons of options for downloading movies, you can either directly download the movies file or download a torrent file.

9. The Korean Film Archive

The Korean Film Archive

Korean Film Archive is a YouTube Channel that has tons of classic Korean movies starting from the late 1930s for free streaming. It has over 110 classic movies that you can stream on youtube for free without any ads.

So, if you are a fan of Korean movies, then this is the perfect channel to explore some Korean classics.

The best part is that all the movies come with English subtitles so that you don't have to worry about the language barrier or putting time looking for subtitles and scripts.

10. PlutoTV

PlutoTV free movie download site

Again one of the completely legal and free streaming platform for movies and tv shows. PlutoTV has tons of free to stream tv channels as well as movies for free. You can choose from sports, movies, local, entertainment channels without a single dollar.

The UI is clean, simple, and straightforward to use. They have hundreds of on-demand latest and tv shows that you can watch either from your pc or smartphone.

PlutoTV also has an android as well as ios apps that let you stream movies online for free from any device without any cost. Moreover, it is also available on other devices. The best part is that you even do not have to signup for watching free movies and tv shows.

The only issue is that it is available in only certain countries like the US. But you can always use a VPN like NordVPN to browse and stream movies on PlutoTV for free.

11. CMoviesHD


Another great and certainly one of the most popular sites for streaming and downloading movies for free. CMovies has tons of great movies and shows to choose from.

The best part is that almost all the movies and shows are available in high definition. Moreover, new titles and tv shows are constantly being added, so you will find most of the popular shows on CMovies.

You can also view titles by various categories, genres, and by IMDb ratings. It also lets you request mobies that are not yet listed on their website.

12. GOMovies


GOMovies is a top-rated free movie streaming site. You can find all types of movies from different genres and you can filter movies based on ratings, countries, and much more.

It is perfect for high-quality HD movies and shows. Moreover, you can view movies based on IMDb ratings.

All in all, it is one of the best websites for downloading movies for free.

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13. Retrovision TV

Retrovision TV

Retrovision TV is another best free movie download site. It is one of the best options if you are looking for classic movies. They have nearly every classic movies that are available in the public domain. The website is simple and straightforward to use and navigate.

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed so that you will be notified every time a new title is added to the ever-growing list of classic movies on retrovision tv.

Moreover, the content is split into specific categories like adventure, comedy. sci-fi. drama and many more. All in all, a great site for classic movie lovers.

14. FMovies


FMovies is a great site to watch high-quality movies and shows for free. The best part is that it also lets you download movies for free and that too without registration.

It does not host any movies or shows but provides - Checkout Websites to other streaming sites like Putlocker, Gostream, and others. It claims to be strict on copyright violations and removes contents if someone reports it.

But that doesn't mean you can find the quality and latest movies and shows on the platform. It is an ad-free streaming option that you should look at.

15. Popcornflix

Popcornflix free movie download site

Popcornflix is yet another website that allows you to watch movies and tv shows for free. They have a nice collection of movies and shows ranging from documentaries, foreign films, web series, and much more. It is a project by Screen Media Ventures.

Popcornflix is available in over 60 countries, most notably it is not available in India. The best part is that you do not need to signup for streaming movies.

Popcornflix also supports multiple devices, they have android as well as an ios app.


Which app is best for free downloading movies?

There are tons of websites that you can use. TubiTV, Crackle, PlutoTV are some of the best apps for downloading and streaming movies and shows for free.

Where can I download movies for free?

There are many websites that allow you to download movies and shows for free like FMovies, GOMovies, AZMovies, etc. You can use any of these websites to download and streaming movies and shows.

Where can I download free movies without signing up?

Majority of the websites mentioned in the list doesnot require signing up like FMovies, AZMovies etc. Some websites do require you to sign up but majority of these will not.

Final Words: Watch Movies Using the Best Free Movie Websites

That's all! These were the best free movie download sites. Some of the websites may not be available in some of the countries.

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And you can use a VPN like NordVPN for unblocking and accessing these websites and stream content for free.

Some of the websites may be illegal to use. So, please make sure you follow your country's rules and regulations.

If you know any other streaming site that should have made the list, then please do let us know in the comment section.

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